I am a writer

I am a writer

My journey as a writer

I have two special needs children. One suffers from a severe learning disability and emotional issues.  The other is autistic. We adopted them from the foster system which has added other issues. To survive in the world, they need more care and support than other children.

Raising my kids is challenging, but they have given my life real meaning.  Finding resources can be daunting and aren’t always available, or they are scarce.  According to teachers, therapists, psychiatrists and other professionals, we have done a fantastic job.  Many of them say “I don’t know how you do it.  You should write a book.”  So I am.

I was laid off from my techie position at an international food company in August 2015 and decided to become a full-time writer, focusing on how my partner and I deal with the overwhelming battles we have to fight to give our children what they need to survive.

Not having any formal training, I read books on writing and belong to online writing groups   I also write short stories and have a couple of first drafts of novels based on my experiences and events that are not in the memoir.  Since my layoff, I have also studied digital marketing, SEO, and other technical skills for the world of writing in the digital world.

My bestselling short story, A Christmas Caroler, was published in October 2016 and is available as a Kindle Book on Amazon.